Pet Portraiture

These pictures show the stages in the production of my painting of a Shetland sheepdog called Jasper. The painting was created using soft pastels and pastel pencils.

Mike Stewart 2013

  • jasper,pastel,collie.whag,MSjasper,collie,pastel outline,whagOn the left – I used a good quality photograph of Jasper taken by his owner, photographer Paul Thwaites.
    On the right – I made a rough outline established with base colours added in watercolour.
  • jasper,pastel,collie,whag,msjasper,collie,pastel,ms,whag,prelimOn the left – Using pastel pencil, eyes, nose, ears are positioned and detailed.
    On the right – Colours added, blended and further pencil details added.
  • jasper.sheltie.collie,whag,msjasper,collie eyes,pastel,whag,msOn the left – Eye Photograph.
    On the right – the final blending.
  • jasper.sheltie,pastel,whag,msFinal portrait – Portrait finalised by adjusting expression in the eyes.