Mike Stewart 2

Here are more of my pastels.  “Jasper”,and the Barn Owls, are based on photos by local photogapher Paul Thwaites, and the Fox by Andy Webb.


Dawn at Cley-Next-The-Sea [sold]


Essex Sunset [sold]


Sunset-Bamburgh Castle [sold]



Dolphins-Endangered Species.[sold]

MS,Pastels,whag ms,Tiger,Tyger

Tyger Tyger [sold]

Crab Nebula

Crab Nebula [sold]

Ponte Delle Guglie (Venice) [18"x14"]

Ponte Delle Guglie (Venice) [18″x14″]


“It Raineth Every Day” [sold]

barn owl,nimrod,pastel,whag,ms

“Nimrod” [sold]


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Adelie Penguins [sold]

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“Torispheres” [sold]

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Andromeda Galaxy [sold]

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Portrait of Martin

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Portrait of Hannah

"Iron Lady" (sold)

“Iron Lady” (sold)


“H’mm.” [sold]


Fox (Vulpes-Vulpes) [sold]

Li Li Ji  (Final Portrait)

Li Li Ji (Final Portrait) [sold]

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Amur Leopard [sold]


Lavender in Provence [sold]

Paintings of people, artists Essex

Salute the Sun


Holborn in Perspective


Dormouse,on Guelder Rose [sold]

barn owl,jaeger,pastel.ms,whag


Prowling Leopard

Leopard on the loose


Shetland Collie(Jasper)

Milking Time

Milking Time [sold]


Crafty Vixen [sold]

Chris Yates after sea bass

Chris Yates after sea bass [sold]

Autumn River

Autumn River [sold]

 Tollesbury Lightship

Tollesbury Lightship [sold]

Barges off Bradwell

Barges off Bradwell [sold]

cirque du soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil [sold]

Canadian Autumn

Canadian Autumn [sold]

Dedham,on a frosty morning

Frosty morning,Dedham [sold]