Mike Stewart

Here are some of my pastel paintings.The Kingfisher and Barn Owl are based on photos by wildlife photographer Andy Webb.

MS,pastel,1979 race,fastnet yacht

1979 Fastnet Race [sold]

ms pastel,barge,pinmill

Barge “Medusa” at Pinmill [sold]

Marine paintings, Essex art Groups, Art in Essex - West Horndon Art Group offers paintings for sale, Congress

38 gun Frigate U.S.S.Congress [sold]

paintings of St.Ives, artists Essex, St Ives, Cornwall, paintings for sale - St Ives, marine paintings

St.Ives [sold]

paintings of the sea, paintings of the beach, marine paintings, painting the sea, maritime art

Beach Buddies [sold]

Waitrose "Buddies"

Waitrose “Buddies”

ms whag,eagle,pastel,bald,

American Bald Eagle [sold]

Kingfisher paintings - Essex Artists - West Horndon art group is THE place for aspiring artists of all ages, kingfisher

Halcyon [sold]

Essex artists - painting of Barn Owl, Essex wildlife artist - Mike Stewart is a memeber of West Horrndon Art Group, Essex art gallery, pastel paintings of barn owl,

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) [sold]


Timber Wolf [sold]

"Tollo's tunnel exit"

“Tollo’s tunnel exit”

landscape paintings, paintings of the autumn, paintings of lakes, artists in Essex

Autumn New Hampshire [sold]

ms pastel,st.osyth,essex

St.Osyth Essex [sold]


Irish Terrier (Rooster)

Essex artists, Paintings of dogs, pastel paintings, essex art, art in essex, Bullet

Irish Terrier (Bullet)

paintings of dogs, hyper-realistic paintings - animals and birds by Essex Artist Mike Stewart, Tollo

Irish Terrier (Tollo)


Irish Terrier (Dali style)


Funflower [sold]


Dahlias [sold]

 The Spanish Horse

The Spanish Horse [sold]

"Full Steam Ahead"

“Full Steam Ahead”