Painting with CMYK

In the summer of 2015 we had a couple of tutorials to get the group using CMYK colours.
This is an exercise in thinking about colour and using only these four process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black)) producing as many colours as you need. You will find more of this subject on my pages. Look here for details.

  • SH-CMYK-Wed#3SH-CMYK-Wed#2Two images of the Wednesday group hard at work (with the exception of the non-camera shy person in the second picture.
  • Members were provided with the paint or media from which they could choose which medium to use. All media were offered with the exception of water soluble oil. I will try to describe which medium each artist was using as I go by. What was offered was water colour, gouache, acrylic, ink, pastel, artbar, pastel pencil. The image chosen for the tutorial was the Thomas Kincade painting that I have used on my page.
    For each artist there are two images of their work, the first was taken at tea break about 45 minutes after starting, the second if the picture at the end of the session. The session was structured to get the artist to block in the substantive background colour for each part of the picture, the sky, the trees on the right, the roadway, the bank on the left, the trees on the left. The second half of the session was about putting in the detail: the tracks on the road, the leaves in the gutters, the leaves on the trees, the fence in the middle distance and so on.
  • SH-richard #1SH-richard #2Richard
  • SH-maggie #1SH-maggie #2Maggie
  • SH-malcolm #1SH-malcolm #2Malcolm
  • SH-roger #1SH-roger #2
  • SH-bill #1SH-bill #2Bill
  • SH-suzanne #1SH-suzanne #2Suzanne used art bar for her picture. This is a medium has used to good effect. Some later painting she did used only 2 of the 3 CMYK colours. It looks like your ink jet printer when one of the cartridges runs out – very effective.
  • SH-jean #1SH-jean #2Jean
  • SH-gloria #1SH-gloria #2Gloria
  • SH-mavis #1SH-mavis #2Mavis
  • SH-marion #1SH-marion #2Marion
  • SH-audrey #1SH-audrey #2Audrey
  • SH-sandra #1SH-sandra #2Sandra
  • SH-fran #1SH-fran #2Fran
  • SH-dennis #1SH-dennis #2Dennis